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Doing Business in The USA

Contador Miami provides many solutions for foreigners wanting to do business in the US. The IRS and State Government have many requirements that may affect your business. If you are looking for help in complying with these requirements, our team can help. We have experience helping business owners for over 40 years. Below you will find information about

– Why it is best to form a company for your business?
What type of company should you form?
– What are the differences between opening a company in Florida, Delaware, or Offshore?
– What information do you need to open a company in the US?

Every Business is Different

Every type of business is different, and therefore may need different items to operate successfully. Our job is to determine what your specific business may need and get you started as soon as possible. Many import/export businesses, for example, may need a sales tax certificate which allows them to buy a wholesale prices and pay no sales tax.Other businesses may require certain licenses and permits to operate in the US. Many people that buy real estate in the US prefer to buy under a company. Whatever your business, we’ll make sure you do it right.

If you are ready to start a business in the US, you will need to know what responsibilities you have in the US Federal, State, and/or Local Governments. ContadorMiami will help you every step of the way so you never miss any important deadlines.

First Start Your Business

When opening a new company in the US, you should first consider what type of company to start. There are a few different options to start. Click here for options. 

What type of Business should I Start

Create Company in Florida – $499

Create Company is Delaware – $799

Do I need a Sales Tax ID?

In many cases, your business will need a sales tax ID in the state it does business in. Once you apply for a sales tax ID, the state will require you to report your sales periodically. ContadorMiami will help you apply for this sales tax ID, and report your sales on time each period.

Do I need payroll?

In most cases, your business will need somebody on payroll. If you are a non-resident, you will not be allowed to be on your own payroll. We can help you determine if your business will require payroll. If so, ContadorMiami will make sure you pay all the payroll tax you owe to the state and to the IRS on time. This will help you avoid heavy IRS and State penalties.

Who can do my bookkeeping?

ContadorMiami has a digital system in place to do your bookkeeping and provide you with the results on an online portal. Each month ContadorMiami will download your bank statements from the web and begin the bookkeeping for that particular month. This will help you learn how your business is performing and tell you if you gained or lost money for the month and for the year to date. Our online portal is available online and on most digital smart phones for your convenience.

We’ll Do It All

When you finally make your decision to start a company in the US, it is probably best to have an accountant or bookeeper keep your financial records in order. ContadorMiami can help you with this task and give you instant access to your records no matter where you are in the world. We will help you with your bookeeping, payroll, and any residual tax payments your business must make. 

Bookkeeping – $199/m

Accounting On the Cloud

Every month, our team will set up a digital automatic download of your bank statements and credit card statements and enter each transaction in our accounting software.

Your Digital Online Portal?

After we ara done, you can visit your online digital portal to access all your financial statements and other business documents. This is available to you anytime, anywhere.

I don’t have an address? Can I use ContadorMiami’s?

Yes! Contador Miami offers a corporate mailing service in which we scan and upload all your corporate mail to your online portal. If we need to ship something, we will.

Reception Service – $25/m

Starting at $199 Per Month

Your business needs in the US can be all taken care of for only $199 per month. Just click on the button below to get started!

Book Keeping – $199/m


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Personal Tax Returns for Foreign Nationals – Starting at $150

Corporate Tax Returns – Starting at $200

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